4th Annual European Medical Device & Diagnostic Proactive Post-Market Surveillance & Vigilance Conference

4th & 5th October 2022 | Sheraton Brussels Airport Hotel, Belgium

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TT PMSV, Europe’s most interactive and dedicated conference for MedTech Medical Device & Diagnostic Proactive Post-Market Surveillance & Vigilance Conference professionals will take place on 4th & 5th October 2022!

Is your PMS & vigilance system proactive and reactive?

Traditionally, PMS systems within the MedTech industry have been reactive. The introduction of the EU MDR & IVDR pushed manufacturers to develop a well-defined enhanced process to collect and report data on serious incidents, monitor expected side-effects, and trends, and effectively conduct Field Safety Corrective Actions (FSCAs) and recalls. However, the MDR & IVDR also emphasised the importance of PMS plans based on proactive data gathering and analysis, rather than just relying on reactive data gathering. While there is a need to be more proactive, manufacturers have been trying to figure out the best way to design their systems due to limited guidance on the same. It is also vital to bridge the gap between proactive PMS and vigilance, break the systemic mindset of working in silos, and understand how crucial this interface is going to be for the future of proactive PMS and Vigilance.

The 4th Annual European Medical Device and Diagnostic Post-Market Proactive Surveillance and Vigilance Conference is an interactive knowledge-sharing platform that will provide strategies for developing a robust post-market vigilance combined with a well-integrated proactive plan to enhance PMS and Vigilance processes. Early implementation of proactive measures will help satisfy regulatory requirements, achieve a competitive edge, and reduce the tangible costs of downstream field corrective actions. Delving into the EU MDR & IVDR – this two-day conference will unearth some of the best strategies for streamlining complaint intake operations, adverse event detection, handling FSCA, managing off-label device use & complaints linked to IFUs, PMCF activities, leveraging patient surveys, creating compliant PSURs, trend reporting, benefit-risk assessment, creating a feedback loop for product improvement and much more.

Presentations supported with real-life case studies and practical examples will provide deeper insight into the strategies for proactive PMS and post-market vigilance. This conference will allow attendees to participate in highly interactive sessions supported by real-life business examples, case studies, Q&A sessions, and roundtable discussions led by experienced professionals. First-hand experience and tips will be shared to enhance the end-to-end management of proactive PMS and post-market vigilance whilst complying with the EU MDR & IVDR. Through this knowledge-sharing platform, attendees will receive actionable takeaways necessary to enhance their proactive PMS and vigilance systems.

If you are a part of the MedTech Post-Market Proactive Surveillance & Vigilance, TT PMSV guarantees a valuable return on time invested.

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50+ MedTech Post-Market Surveillance & Vigilance Professionals
20+ Solution-Focused Topics
7 Hours of Networking


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Why Attend TTPMSV

Live interactive content

TTPMSV is a collaborative environment for learning with a powerful mix of interactive content. With breakout sessions and an informal Q&A after every session; panel debates, case studies and workshops; TTPMSV delivers all the post-market strategy & vigilance content you need in the most engaging format.

Meet your counterparts 

With one of the most robust screening processes in the industry, all attendees will be in an environment full of MedTech Post-Market Proactive Surveillance & Vigilance experts, exclusively. Attendees can ask their most important questions to the group for direct replies from elite industry experts.

Customise your content

TTPMSV will allow attendees to pick the subjects most relevant to them. This tailored event experience ensures each attendee receives the information, and networking opportunities, most applicable to their day-to-day role.

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